Financial Security and Rebuking the Devowerer

9 Aug

Good Morning

Within a couple of days of each other the Stock market has recorded two of the largest dips in history that have occurred in the past 40 years or so.  I worked for a  world renowned economist back in the 80’s, and it was my job to track the economic indicators and commodities back then and I got familiar with parts of the investment world.  The Dow Jones was in the 2000’s back then, and it really was a remarkable and notably event when the stock market went over 10,000.  I remember that when Clinton was president that I knew of people who were selling their tangible properties in order to buy more stocks to get in on the windfalls of the stock market in the 90’s, and then the early 2000’s people were excited about stocks and were pumping up their IRA’s and 401k’s in order to maximize their retirement nest eggs.  There is nothing wrong with trying to maximize your investment nest eggs, by trying to make good sound decisions, as I myself never believed in the IRA’s and 401k route, as my wife was in banking and saw that the government had their eyes on the huge amount of cash that has been accumulating in those accounts, and anticipated the eventual seizing of those money’s and issuing the owners some kind of interest bearing annuity which would pay the bearers a fixed amount, which would not adjust with the inflation rate.  subsequently people would get a monthly payment of say $1000 a month where the monthly cost of living would be $1000 a month, then the inflation rate would boost the cost of living up to say $5000 a month and your income would stay at $1000 a month.  Those figures are just arbitrarily picked as a simple example of what can happen.

I have over 30 years experience in working with other people’s money, and I have to admit in observing people, you could attack their god, and you would receive a reaction maybe, but if you attack their money you are in for a fight for sure.  How do I interpret this?  Well as I look at it as people’s real god has become money, or their financial security.  Money can be a good item, or it can be our worst evil.  Some people who have become wealthy do great things with their money, but some do great evil, by manipulating the world with the power that their money give’s them.

I believe you can have very little money and have greater powers than that the George Soro’s, Bill Gates and the other powerful money people in this world.  I will never forget the day that I was listening to Jack Hayford on my radio Walkman walking out to get the mail one day on a rural drive way on Sterling Creek Rd. back about 1988.  I had always believed in tithing, and had many remarkable blessings from God because of my tithing discipline’s, but when things got tough, I would sometimes cut back on the tithe, or even stop at some point.  You might say that from a worlds point of view that this is fiscally sound financial management, but from God’s point of view, I can say it definitely is not!!

You see on this day in 1988 when I was walking out to the mail box listening to Hayford, he told me something that I had missed in the scriptures.  In the 3rd chapter of Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament, It says (my paraphrase)  “to bring into the storehouse all of the tithes”  not part, not none, but all of the tithes and offerings.  This is the only place in the Bible that it says to test God, but there is more, it says “and see if I don’t wont rebuke the devour-er”.  Who is the devour-er, well it is satan and if you are a Christian it is his job to create havoc with you, take you out, make you not a threat.

Well, you see up until this point in my life I knew we were suppose to tithe, but I missed the second part, that there is a protection plan, kind of insurance policy that comes along with the arrangement, and God promises to remove the adversity in your life.  I up until this point in my life had been having a long list of job’s that were what I would call meat grinders.  Impossible expectations, horrendous working circumstances and people out to get you for no good reason.

When I corrected this error in my life, things started changing.  I got better working conditions and I started getting paid more than I had ever been paid before, the devour-er got rebuked and my net worth started going up.  I could walk the hallways of the corporate world and if someone was out to get me, I had a rock to anchor my boat to and I could go about my day with the confidence that God was my provider and I did not have to fear what man can do unto me.  I saw people who were out to get me get destroyed and I didn’t have to do anything at all. This is a true story, “a lady was out to get my job and had the president of the company behind her and the president hired his wife at a position of power in the company, and this wife took a dislike to the lady who was out to get me and had her demoted down into the basement of the company and was later released.

Do you want great power in your life, do you want the adversary stopped in its tracks, do you want financial security like you have never known before?  The formula to this equation is give God all he asks for, is worthy of and He requires of us.  This is one of the signs of a truly submitted servant.  You might say “well I don’t have enough money to pay all my bills.”  Tithe anyway, you will.  I can’t afford this, or afford that, tithe and you will if they are things you really need.  You might have great projects God has you working on, tithe and He will bring them about.

One of the greatest mistakes I can see in many people is this, their faith is in their pocketbook and not in their God.  Believe me I know from experience that wealth brings about pride, arrogance and dependence on self.  Loss of wealth can bring about deliverance, complete trust in God and greater happiness, because you are not depending and putting pressures on yourself all the time. The pressure is now on God’s to contend with.  I believe what we are going though financially in this world is a wake up call from God saying “where is your faith at?”

This may be preaching to the choir, but for some reason it had to be said today, I know not why?

Blessings on you and your day,

David Moody

One Response to “Financial Security and Rebuking the Devowerer”

  1. Gerry Baczkowski August 10, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    Thank you Mr. Moody for sharing your story today. Thank you for considering this editing suggestion: The Bible, book of Malachi, chapter three, verse eleven.

    Thank you for reviewing this reference:

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